How To Clean a Carbon Fiber Body Kit

How To Clean a Carbon Fiber Body Kit

Caring for a carbon fiber body kit is similar to the normal cleaning of a car. Still, some basic steps are required to clean a carbon fiber body kit carefully and professionally.

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is created using carbon atoms which are bonded and weaved together with other materials. This weaving process creates a material that’s strong yet lightweight, making it the perfect choice for auto body kits.

Just like any other auto body kit, a carbon fiber kit is clear-coated, which helps protect its finish.

Wash and Dry

Thankfully, a carbon fiber body kit can be washed and dried just as you would a regular car.

Use the proper shampoo—preferably a wax-based one—and a soft rag or sponge to avoid scratching. Choose a car shampoo, which is specifically designed to protect car finish.

Cleaning agents not designed with a car in mind may contain chemicals that can potentially break down the clear coating and paint job on your car.

After washing, thoroughly dry the car with a chamois or drying towel.

Clay Bar

A clay bar is an engineered resin mixture which comes in the form a soft bar and is used to remove contaminants from your car.

There are substances on the outside of a car and body kit that the naked eye can’t see. Using the clay bar to gently rub away these contaminants gives a car a cleaning that’s far above a simple car wash.

Clay barring is done by simply rubbing the bar across the body kit, and only needs to be done about three to four times a year.


A polishing wheel, which is an electrical machine used for polishing, can be used for this process. Or, you could use a polishing spray designed for a car and its finishes.

If using the wheel, have the polishing done by a professional or get properly trained in how to do it yourself. Using a polishing wheel incorrectly could result in damage to the auto body kit.

There are some great polishing sprays on the market that work well. Always use soft materials as you buff the polish, so you can avoid creating scratches and coatings are kept intact.


The final step in keeping your auto body kit looking factory-new is to wax.

Spray wax is convenient and easy to use. Never wax in a hurry or the job won’t be done as well as it should be. Waxing takes time to achieve optimal results.

Using a soft cloth, spray small areas at a time, wiping and buffing the wax in circular motions until it’s dry and no longer visible.

The cloth should be rotated as it’s used, so the drier side is the one buffing the wax.

Use these steps on a regular basis to clean a carbon fiber body kit, and your car will maintain the shine and luster it came home with.

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