2017-2022 Nissan GTR R35 EBA Front Bumper LED Day Running Light

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  • SKU 8354OE2017-LED

Carbonado 2017-2022 Nissan GTR R35 EBA Front Bumper LED Day Running Light

Condition: Brand New

Fits 2017-2020 Nissan GTR R35 EBA

Package Contents: One pair of LED lights

Part No: 8354OE2017-LED

Note: The US version of the DRL has only two wires, the same as the Japanese GTR, when using the aftermarket DRL, it cannot be connected directly, but the two DRLs can only be connected in series and connected to the car starting fuse box, so as to ensure that the light will be on every time the car is started?All aftermarket daytime running lights and LED turn signals cannot be directly installed on the original car wiring, all need to be directly connected to the starter fuse to work properly?We need to avoid the OEM Canbus system of GTR to work normally, because the LED resistance of aftermarket is different from the original resistance, so it will not work?

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